1 h (max 15 pax per visit)
Listen to the myths and legends that still live inside these cold cells and halls. Along the route, you’ll enjoy the explanation of the powerful “Council of The Ten”, composed of the highest Venice Politicians that oversaw justice in all Venetian domains. Only for small group (maximum 15 people per visit). [...]
1 h
Experience a classical music performance in the heart of Venice. Marvel at the beauty of the Renaissance Palace as you listen to some of Venice’s best classical musicians playing Vivaldi and Mozart’s pieces! [...]
2 hrs
Carnival treasure hunt game: discover Venetian hidden secrets by playing! Take part of Venice's Carnival! Get 1 beautiful Carnival mask to personalize! Family, Children and Couple Game! [...]
2 hrs
25 24
Enjoy a journey through Venice in the charming mysteries of Venice Carnival. The expert guide will take you through the typical places of this festive period letting to live the real soul of Venice Carnival! [...]
A new-entry fresh experience to live the city. Discover and explore Venice nowadays and in different centuries using your device around the city! [...]
2 hrs
25 24
A journey through time in the fascinating history of Venice, discover the secrets of Casanova and the fight with the Turks. The expert guide will take you through the labyrinth of streets and fields to discover the stories of the Venetian nobles, their palaces and their galleys that sailed around the world. [...]