10 unique things to do in Venice

10 unique things to do in Venice 

It is always reductive to make a bucket list of things to do in Venice. In fact, there are so many insights that we could go on forever. It is also true that in a world-famous city like Venice, "tourist" sights end up obscuring its more unusual, but no less beautiful facet. So here are 10 unique things to do in Venice by choosing Venice City Tours. Among them we have listed other "tips" to the unquestioned must-sees. 

1. Boat tour along Grand Canal

The most beautiful boulevard in the world ...this is the nickname of Grand Canal. With its 4 km and the splendid setting of noble palaces overlooking its waters, you will understand why! 

The Grand Canal can be easily discovered with a boat ride that also passes under the majestic Rialto Bridge, the oldest bridge in Venice. So, one of the 10 unique things to do in Venice is to board public boat No. 1 and admire this wonderful sight while listening to Venice City Tour audio guide ... a highly rewarding experience! 

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2. Visit St. Mark's Square, the Golden Basilica and the Doge's Palace 

The main icons of the city! They definitely deserve a visit as one of the 10 unique things to do in Venice. True symbols of the power, wealth and charm of the Serenissima over the centuries, these landmarks have always attracted tourists from all over the world. With a self-guided tour by Venice City Tours, you can easily visit the treasures of Venice's most spectacular district and be stunned by the magnificence of its architecture. 



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3. Reach the three islands of the Lagoon

Part of the unique charm of Venice is given by the Lagoon Islands, a real must for tourists: Murano, Burano and Torcello . Each has its own special features:  Murano  is world-famous for its glass art, Burano for its lace-making and picturesque fishermen's houses, Torcello is the wildest and quietest, where the Serenissima was born. 



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4. Attend a classical or baroque music concert

In Venice, art is inseparable from music, so if you want to fully experience what this beautiful city has to offer, among the ten unique things to do in Venice you really must enjoy a classical or baroque music concert. 

Concerts are often held inside ancient churches “Grandi Scuole”. These special places offer the same 18th-century atmosphere created by the music of Antonio Vivaldi. Indulge in the harmony and pleasure of this experience! 


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5. Admire Venetian works of art

Since ancient times, Venice has boasted its masterful crafts: glass, goldsmithing, pearls, textiles, masks ... The Venetian craft tradition has always been appreciated all over the world. So enjoy a leisurely tour of the city's most exclusive ateliers and workshops with Venice City Tours ... you will amaze at the beauty of their works! 



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6. For true romantics: Gondola at night

Everyone knows: Venice is the romantic city par excellence...so, if you visit it with your sweetheart, you can make a pleasant surprise by booking a dreamy night gondola trip on Venice City Tours: the fascinating lights and colors of the ancient palaces reflected in the canals ... create a dreamy atmosphere. Plan for a serenade or a romantic dinner, your fairytale experience is at its best! 



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7. Stroll through the calli

The "calli" (Venetian alleyways) are the hallmark of Venice's urban setting, and a Venice City Tours walking tour through these narrow alleys is an alternative and evocative way to visit the city, as well as one of 10 unique things to do a Venice. 

With varying lengths and widths, their names are reminiscent of famous people, churches or traditional activities ... The best way to get to know the most authentic Venice is therefore a nice walk through its labyrinth of alleys ... to discover the most hidden architecture of this wonderful city. 


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8. Experience the magic of the Carnival in Venice

Venice cannot be conceived without its magical Carnival, a unique event in the world. So if you are planning a visit to the city at this time of year, you cannot miss a tour or event celebrating the Venice Carnival . 

From the scenic Carnival balls, where you can experience period dances in traditional dress, to the walking theater show, you will discover the sights and hear the fantastic stories that make up the Carnival of Venice.


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9. Get to know the mysterious side of Venice

If by day Venice offers its unique beauties, by night it brings back the echoes of its ghosts and the mysteries of its history. What enigmas lurk in the thousand-year-old foundations of La Serenissima ? 

Immerse yourself in the deep heart of Venice and take part in an intimate and exciting night tour led by an expert guide from Venice City Tours ... you will find yourself in peculiar, seemingly anonymous places related to the most sensational and darkest episodes in the history of this mysterious city .... will bewitch you! 


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10. Stop at the typical Bacari

Last but not least, this experience is worth mentioning among the ten unique things to do in Venice. So, forget the discos and the elegant lounge bars, here in Venice nightlife has only one name: "bacarata," you meet after work for a ombra de vin (that's what Venetians call a glass of wine), in the bacari, typical inns with rustic decor and family atmosphere. Here you can enjoy cicchetti, small appetizers based on typical Venetian dishes. On a safe tour by Venice City Tours you can visit some typical bacari, taste a traditional cicchetto and unwind over a Venetian glass of wine!   


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So, are you ready to experience the 10 unique things to do in Venice? Remember that our bucket list is only meant to be a starting point for the thousand different opportunities that this wonderful city offers... Enjoy your trip! 

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