3 fun things to do at Carnival in Venice

 3 fun things to do at Carnival in Venice

The countdown has started to the next Carnival of Venice taking place from February 4th until February 21st, 2023. 

The Carnival of Venice is an annual celebration held in Venice, Italy. It is one of the most popular carnivals and it attracts tourists from all over the world. 

With so many things to see and do, the Carnival of Venice is an unforgettable experience. 

The energy, color and vibrancy of the Carnival of Venice is something every traveler should experience once in a lifetime and here are some fun things to do at Carnival in Venice. 

3 fun things to do at Carnival in Venice: 

  • Dressing up at Carnival in Venice;
  • Tasting traditional Venetian pastries;
  • Join a treasure hunt in Venice;

Dressing up at Carnival in Venice

Dressing up for the Carnival of Venice is an ancient tradition dating back ages. For many, Carnival is an opportunity to dress up in elaborate costumes and masks and indulge in the festivities. Although Carnival is best known for its balls and lavish parties, the event offers much more than one can imagine. Indeed, Carnival is also the chance to celebrate the city’s great history and culture. From the colorful buskers to the stunning architecture, Carnival is a one-of-a-kind event you definitely can’t miss. But, no worries, you don't necessarily have to dress up in period, elegant and (somewhat expensive) Venetian costumes. 


What to eat at Carnival in Venice

The Carnival of Venice is a unique and terrific celebration taking place annually. A wide variety of pastries is traditionally prepared for such a great event. Here you have a list of the most popular pastries of the Carnival of Venice:

Cicerchiata - little balls of fried dough coated with honey;

Castagnole - fried pastry balls rolled in sugar and drizzled of Alchermes liqueur;

Frappe - sweet fried dough;

Graffe - typical Italian donuts;

Bussolai - traditional Venetian butter cookies;

Apple fritters

Carnival arancini – fried rice balls with bolognese sauce;

Saint Joseph’s zeppole - custard cream-filled pastries;

Fritters and Venetian Galani - sweet and crunchy fried pastries.


If you ever get the chance to visit Venice in its Carnival season, make sure you taste these amazing delicacies! 



Treasure Hunt combined with a self-guided tour


Here you can find some suggestions of fun activities and experiences to do at Carnival in Venice. We came up with a Carnival game and contest that is like a treasure hunt combined with a self-guided tour. 

The self-guided tour will take you around the charming narrow streets of Venice, where you have to take a selfie in four hidden places and unearth two traditional Venetian Carnival masks. 

This is perfect for visitors of all ages, couples, groups of friends and families. So here you have a source of inspo about fun things to do for the Carnival of Venice and we hope you will have a look at our Carnival Game in Venice, too. By the way, whatever you do for Carnival, we hope you will have a very good time! 


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