5 fun things to do in Venice during Carnival

It is almost time for the Venetian Carnival which starts on the 12 February and runs until the 1 March 2022. As usual, there will be lots of fun things to do in Venice during the Carnival period, and no matter what your tastes are there will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Whether you are looking for a crazy party time, or are interested in spending quality family time you will definitely find something which will match your tastes. The energy, colour and vibrancy of the Venetian Carnival is something every traveller should experience once in their lives and here are a few fun things to do in Venice during the Carnival.

Dressing up in scary costumes to frighten the locals

Carnival is all about dressing up and wearing elegant costumes. But, you don’t have to dress up in the old school Venetian, elegant, (kind of expensive) costumes.

If you want to you could make (or just buy) a little mask, which would do the trick, or, you could also dress up in a “regular” costume. This is totally allowed, and even some locals do it, so you won’t look like a “complete tourist”.

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Napoleon banned the festival when he conquered Venice in 1797, so if you dressed up as the little dictator you could scare some of the locals who remember how evil he was to forbid their beloved festival!

The Venetian Carnival didn’t actually return until the late 1970s, but now it is back in full swing every year before Lent. Another costume idea for scaring the local Venetians could be Attila the Hun who was the one who chased all the Venetians into their Lagoon in the first place!

Venetian Carnival Delicacy

You could say the Venetian Carnival gets its reputation for decadence from the 18th century when all the local Venetians partied like absolute crazy for half the year. So, if you overindulge for a few days nobody can complain, right?

Besides going decadent is one of the most fun things to do in Venice during the Venetian Carnival! First of all, you should definitely eat too much frittella and galani which are local Venetian specialities. Another great thing to eat too much of is meat, lots of meat. Actually, the Carnevale means goodbye to meat, which people do not eat during Lent (or didn’t use to anyway). So, we highly recommend stuffing your face with as much meat as possible. 

Another fun thing the locals do during Carnival is to go on pub crawls – yes, that’s actually a thing in Venice during Carnival! We recommend dressing up like Ernest Hemingway, and going on a pub crawl, shouting in American at the local Venetians! If Ernest Hemingway did it and got away with it, so can anyone, right?

If you want to really escalate the level of decadence and match the 18th century Venetians for their scandalous behaviour, you could gamble away all of your money, or even engage in illicit love affairs!  . . . but maybe that would be too much . . . ?

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Something fun to do in Venice during Carnival which can be enjoyed by all

So, there are already a few suggestions of fun things to do in Venice during the Venetian Carnival, but maybe you would like something non-decadent to do. We have a great idea for you for a fun thing to do in Venice during the Venetian Carnival. We have created a Carnival Game and Contest which is like a treasure hunt combined with a self-guided tour.

The self-guided tour will bring you around the little, charming lanes of Venice, where you will have to take a selfie at four hidden places and track down two traditional Venetian Carnival masks.

This can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages, couples, groups of friends, and families. So there are some ideas of fun things to do in Venice during the Venetian Carnival, and we hope you check out our Carnival Game in Venice. But no matter what you get up to during Carnival, we wish you a great time!


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