Best places to visit in Venice during Carnival 2020

Venice Carnival is one of the most famous carnivals on the planet, and its signature costume, the Venetian mask is definitely one of the most recognisable pieces of outfit anywhere. Everyone has seen one, whether in real life, or more probably, on television or in a blockbuster movie, where the masks can look kind of spooky.

Venice Carnival 2020 is a great opportunity for everyone to see the masks in real life – but be warned, some of them really are kind of creepy. This is especially true for the Medico Della Peste mask,which is the Black Death Doctor mask – scary! But besides being wowed by the beautiful masks which cover the city during Carnival there are lots of places to visit during Venice Carnival 2020, and here a just a few suggestions!

The ancient astronomical Saint Mark’s Clock Tower


This clock was one of the first astronomical clocks in Europe and was first completed in 1497. It has undergone many restorations since but the original design has been maintained. The clock contains the zodiac, and also shows the lunar phases. 
This was very important for Venetians of the past, because it kept them up to date on the how the tides would be – obviously something the locals needed to know about seeing as they were so susceptible to flooding from high tides. We suggest visiting the Clock and Clock tower and setting your watch to the clock tower time.

Venetians used to do this, and we think it an especially cute idea to do during the Venice Carnival 2020 because the phases of the moon also determine when Easter is, and therefore when Lent begins and the Venice Carnival ends.

Easter is a moveable feast, and for any Hemingway fans, it might be a nice idea to read a few pages from his A Moveable Feast around the clock tower, or in Harry’s Bar, where the great American author spent a lot of time (getting drunk) during his stay in Venice. Besides that, A Moveable Feast is a much better read that Hemingway’s novel set in Venice: Across the River and Into the Trees.


Mask up and attend an exclusive ball

There is no ball like a Venetian ball and that’s why we highly recommend going to a ball during Venice Carnival 2020. Dress up in an elegant Venetian costume, don a beautifully designed mask and spend an unforgettable night at one of the many balls.

You will dance, socialise, and experience Venice like the local, 18th century Venetians, only during Venice Carnival 2020. There are a wealth of balls to choose from, and you can have a look at some exclusive balls (one of them for example is Carnival Minuetto); you can even make your own Venetian Carnival mask.


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Great Carnival Game brings you to hidden places to visit during Venice Carnival 2020

We have suggested some places to visit during Venice Carnival 2020 which are particularly interesting during carnival, but they are also all really famous and if you are looking to visit some less well known, out of the way places in Venice during Carnival 2020, you should play our Great Carnival Game! It includes a self-guided tour which will bring you to four places only locals like us know about, guiding you down the labyrinthine lanes of Venice on an adventurous tour of Venice during the Carnival. One stop included on the self-guided tour is a local, genuine atelier – a studio of a professional mask designer.


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Campanile di San Marco


One last thing to do during Carnival in Venice? Visit the Campanile! 

One of the most recognisable architectural landmarks of Venice reaches a height of almost 100 metres – which for our American friends is about 330 feet. Like the Clock and Clock Tower it has undergone a lot of maintenance and restoration works over the years.

We have already suggested to visit the Clock tower to set your watch (or phone) to Venetian time, and you would have had to crane your neck to look up at the Clock Tower. This time however, why not climb to the top of the bell tower?

 This way, you will have a great view of all of Venice, but more spectacularly, of Venice Carnival 2020, and you will be greeted with an amazing display of colour and movement as you observe the Venice Carnival from the elevated position and be treated to a wonderful colour show as all the people in costumes move about below in the city and on the Grand Canal!

A visit to the Campanile is always worthwhile, but is something else during Carnival.


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