Burano "Bussolà" and The Remiera and the Voga Veneta

Burano "Bussolà"

Among Burano’s traditions, food is definitely up there, and at the top of that list are the Bussolà, the buranese biscuits. You will find countless shops selling them in all sorts of shapes and sizes; nowadays they cater for any particular flavour too, from limoncello, chocolate chip, and coconut, to raisin, cream and apple. The bussolà were first invented in their plain buttery form for fishermen who required nutritious foods on their long, tiring voyages.

Among its obvious comestible uses, in the past bussolà would occasionally be flavoured with rum or vanilla and placed in drawers for a better-smelling laundry.


The Remiera and the Voga Veneta

Rowing is a way of life for many in the lagoon, and perhaps especially in Burano, where everywhere else is so far away. No surprise then that it was here that the Vogalonga was born in the 70’s; the Vogalonga is a non-competitive regata kept up by thousands of enthusiasts who fill the lagoon, from Burano to Venice, with traditional Venetian rowing boats of different shapes, sizes and capacity; it takes place on the 8th of May, the day of Ascension, which is in fact the day in which the Doge, sailing on the grand Venetian ship, the Bucintoro, used to renew Venice’s Marriage to the Sea by throwing a golden ring into the water. The Remiera here is a well-established Association which promotes the Venetian rowing tradition.


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