Venice Carnival Top Balls Features

There are some characteristics that all Venice Carnival Balls share:


  • 1 – Noblesse Oblige: costumes!


It probably goes without saying but you need to wear a costume to attend a ball!

Many people are true lovers, that already own their personal costume. But if this is not your case, do not worry: all costume shops in Venice rent their creations. They are real pieces of art, made with precious textiles and amazingly refined. It may costs a lot to rent one of them but the result will be breathtaking!


  • 2 – 1700

The Eighteenth Century for Venice was the age decadence. In 1797 the Venetian Republic came to an end, when Napoleone occupied it to then trade it to Austria.  But it was also the age of luxury, during this period Carnival lasted for six months, a continuous succession of parties… The Eighteenth Century was also the age of one of the best known Venetians: Casanova!

This is way, all balls, in a way or another, celebrate this golden age!


  • 3 – Format

Venice Carnival balls are unique events, that captivate the attenders during and after dinner. This is made possible by a specific schedule that includes welcome cocktail, dinner and dances.

The dinner, usually involving haute cousine, is liven up by a theatrical or musical entertainment. The after-dinner includes real dances where ancient balls like minuets go along with dj sets.


  • 4 – Amazing Locations

One of the most incredible characteristics of Venice Carnival Balls are the locations in which they are hosted.

The parties take place in palaces, architectonic jewels usually closed to the public. Some of them even face the Grand Canal, the most beautiful waterway in the world.


  • 5 – A fantastic occasion to make new friends 

Venice Carnival Balls are a real social gathering occasion. People, that will probably never have a chance to meet, sit side by side at rounded tables all wearing costumes! Socialization is encouraged also by group dances, guided by the Dance Master.

An incredible occasion to discover a new world of luxury, entertainment, and history!


  • 6 – The most beautiful Palace where live your Carnival experience

Live the most glamour balls in the most gorgeous, deep of history and charm palace on the Grand Canal in Venice: Palazzo Pisani Moretta. 

The building is located in one of the most  fascinating spots along the Grand Canal, between Rialto Bridge and Ca’ Foscari University.  The palace accommodated some historic figures of the past such as Tsar Paul I of Russia, Joséphine de Beauharnais, wife of Napoleon I and Joseph II of Austria. 

The architectural importance of the façade, is due to the splendid Gothic mullioned windows of the two main floors, which are similar to Doge’s Palace.

The noble residence is adorned inside by Baroque precious decorations. Nowadays, the palace is used for VIP events, gala dinners and Carnival exclusive nights.

On this incredible location you will find the following VIP balls: Ballo del Doge, Gran Ballo Mascheranda and Ballo Tiepolo. Have a look at the short description of each ball, here below posted and start imagining yourself in the magical Carnival atmosphere in the most beautiful city in the world: Venice!


  • 7 – Ballo Tiepolo 2022, the Grand Ball at Pisani Moretta Palace

The Ballo Tiepolo® is one of the main events of Venice Carnival. It takes place on Fat Thursday at Pisani Moretta Palace on the Grand Canal. You can live the magical and sophisticated atmosphere of 18th century balls.

Dress up as a Venetian noble and experience an unforgettable night. After the welcoming cocktail on the ground floor, a special dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef awaits you on the baroque noble floor of the palace.

The evening will be livened up by opera singers and Dance Masters that will teach you period group dances. In the different rooms you will be entertained by artistsacrobats and performers.

After midnight the Ball will continue on the ground floor with period dances! You will be served coffee, hot chocolate and Prosecco wine along with Venetian pastries. An incredible experience that will make your Venice Carnival unforgettable!


  • 8 – Ballo Mascheranda 2020, at Pisani Moretta Palace

Enjoy a magical evening at one of the most important events of Venice Carnival 2022: the Mascheranda Grand Ball, which will take place in Palazzo Pisani Moretta, the most elegant candlelit palace overlooking the Grand Canal. 

You will be welcomed by artists to an evening of wonders and delight!

 The evening begins with an aperitif and performance by our professional artists in magnificent costumes; you will then be invited upstairs to the noble floor, where you will be seated in the elegant rooms decorated with precious 18th-century frescos in the Longhi and Tiepolo Saloon, and in all the others rooms of the noble floor.

gala dinner will be served accompanied with entertainment throughout. A traditional Venetian evening of amusement, led by our elegant Master of ceremonies, with live classical music, performances of our artists from the Commedia dell’Arte, and learn how to dance the minuet with our professional dancers! Moreover, open Bar is available downstairs with dancing and a DJ-set until late in the night.

  • 9 – Ballo del Doge 2020, at Pisani Moretta Palace

Ballo del Doge is like a dream come true. Every year Antonia Sautter creates an entirely new

world for one night. It is the party everyone is talking about and one you should experience at least once in a lifetime. The Ballo del Doge at Pisani Moretta Palace is considered to be one of the most exclusive parties in the entire world. It is more than just a dance or a dinner, it is simply a unique experience. For a night you will be transported in another universe where you could be whoever you wish to be. You will see international artists performing in front of you and live a night that you will never forget!

Feel like a star in the most exclusive party during the whole Carnival. Shine and sparkle in the Noble and hand-made dress which will just highlight and reflect your natural beauty everywhere in the Palace. The theme of this year is Magnificent Ephemeral, in praise of Dream, Folly and Sin. Explore, imagine and  fantasize.

The Carnival Period Costume is Compulsory to attend the Ball. Respect the Dress Code and find your perfect Carnival Style! 


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