Carnival Balls

The offer of parties, events and entertainments during Venice Carnival is very rich. The different proposals are so peculiar that anyone can find his ideal party, ranging from romance to excesses, from history to pure entertainment, from vice to gourmet events!

A lot of proposals all sharing a common characteristic: they are all masquerade balls!

Balls of Secrets


The most secret face of the world most charming Carnival, is represented by masquerade balls hosted in Venetian palaces. Events in which theatre, music and gourmet food meet ancient and modern dances. Their appeal comes from being so unique.

They take places only in Venice and only during Carnival. Balls hosted in amazing locations and that often remain secret. In many balls it is strictly forbidden to take videos or pictures.

Only who is attending these party will know what really happens during them!


Have you ever partecipated at the traditional Venice Carnival Balls in historical palaces dressed like an ancient Venetian noble?

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