History and Curiosities of Venetian Classical Music


Antonio Vivaldi: a music innovator

Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on 4 March 1678 from a humble family who comes from Brescia. He is one of the best Italian composer and violinist of the Venetian baroque music who has influenced all Europe with its music.

He brought many innovations in the fields of violins, concerts,choral works and operas. In the 1703 he became a priest and, cause of his red hair, he got the nickname “The Red Priest”.

His life was full of highs and lows as those of all musicians of that time.
At the beginning of 1700, he begins to play at the Conservatorio “Ospedale Pio della Pietà” in Venice where many violinist masters noted his exceptional skills.

From that moment, an unstoppable rise started and reached the top in 1720 with the high-status position as “Maestro di Cappella” of the court of the governor of Mantua, Philip of Hesse Darmstadt. He was a very classical musical lover. Vivaldi lived here for three years and realized many operas among them the Four Season, his greatest masterpieces.

During these golden years, the Red Priest received many commissions from the royal families of Europe, taking part to some important marriages as the Luigi VX one. The Austria Emperor Carlo VI gave the tile of knight and the Austrian gold medal.

After this period full of successes, the decline years started and Vivaldi had to face many economic and work problems. Nobody in Venice appreciated anymore his music because was considered outmoded and obsolete. In 1740, he moved to Vienna where afterward a period of misery and problems caused by the instable politic situation, died in 1741.


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