The best places to visit in Venice for Carnival 2023

The best places to visit in Venice for Carnival 2023

Venice is a wonderful city throughout the whole year, but it really comes alive on Carnival time. Carnival celebrations last 17 days, starting from February 4th until February 21st, 2023. On these days, the city is full of masked visitors who enjoy the numerous Carnival traditions. 

If you are planning a trip to Venice this holiday season, there are many places to visit during Venice Carnival 2023. Here is a list of some suggestions for you: 

  • Visiting the old St. Mark’s clocktower;
  • Dressing up and attend an exclusive Carnival ball;
  • Joining a treasure hunt at Venice Carnival;
  • Visiting St. Mark’s bell tower.

The old St. Mark's astronomical Clock Tower

This clock was one of the earliest clocks in Europe and was first completed in 1497. Since then, it has undergone several restorations, but the original design remains intact. The clock represents the zodiac and also shows the phases of the moon.  

That’s because moon phases were so important to the Venetians of the past, because they influenced high tide. We invite you to visit the Clocktower and to set your own watch to the same hour as the one on the astronomical clock. 

Venetians used to do so, and we think it would be a really nice idea for Venice Carnival 2023, since moon phases determine Easter Day, and therefore when Lent begins and Venice Carnival ends. 

Easter is a moveable feast and maybe, to all Hemingway’s fans, reading some lines of his A Moveable Feast around the clock tower may sound a good idea, maybe at the Harry’s Bar where the great American author would spend a lot of time (getting drunk) on his stay in Venice. Beyond that, A Moveable Feast is also a much better read than Hemingway's novel set in Venice: Across the River and into the Trees. 

Dress up and attend an exclusive Carnival ball

One of the most iconic activities at Carnival is a Venetian Masquerade Ball. The balls date back to the 15th century and are still a popular way to celebrate. Many of the balls take place in private palaces, but there are also some that are open to the public. 

Wear an elegant Venetian costume or an eye-catching mask and spend an unforgettable night at one of the many balls organized in Venice. You can even create your own Venetian Carnival mask


Would you like to attend the traditional Carnival Balls in the historical palaces of Venice, dressed up as a Venetian noble person from the past? 

Discover the most exclusive Carnival balls of 2023 starting from €130, click here!    

Treasure hunt at Venice Carnival 2023

If you would like to visit some lesser-known places or enjoy unique experiences during Venice Carnival 2023, join one of our treasure hunts! It includes a self-guided tour that will take you to four places that only locals like us know about, guiding you along the labyrinthine alleys of Venice on an adventurous tour of Venice at Carnival. The self-guided tour also includes a stop at a real local atelier, a professional mask designer’s studio. 



Carnival Treasure Hunt from St. Mark’s Square, find out all Venice secrets by playing a game for € 24, click here! 

Carnival Treasure Hunt from Piazzale Roma, find out all Venice hidden gems by playing a game for € 24, click here! 

Join a mask decoration course with a Carnival mask master for € 57, click here! 

Visit St. Mark's Bell Tower

One last thing to do at Carnival in Venice? Visit St. Mark’s bell tower!   

One of Venice's most iconic architectural monuments reaches a height of almost 100 meters, which for our American friends is about 330 feet. Just like the Clock and the Clock Tower, the bell tower also has undergone numerous maintenance and restoration works over the years. 

We have already suggested visiting the Clock Tower to set your watch (or phone) to Venetian time, and you should have stretched your neck to look at the Clock Tower. However, this time, why don’t you climb to the top of the bell tower? 

Doing so, you will enjoy a stunning view of Venice, but even a more spectacular view from above of the Venice Carnival 2023. You will be welcomed by an incredible color and movement explosion as you admire Venice Carnival from an elevated position and you will be impressed by a wonderful color show as all the costumed people liven up the city and the Grand Canal! 

It is always worth visiting the Bell Tower, but at Carnival it is definitely much worthier! 

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