The best things to do in Venice

Venice: the most famous destination in the world

It is no surprise that Venice is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world, having around 20 million visitors each year, you’ll find it hard to discover a more sought after place. The real challenge of visiting this city is trying to fit in all these things to do! From tours through the canals on the world famous gondolas to creating your own experience making carnival masks, Venice offers many great sights, activities and last but not least, amazing memories. Here are some things we think you that you cannot afford to miss in Venice!

The quintessential visit to San Marco

This part of Venice may be the most famous area in the city. St. Mark’s Square (Piazza San Marco) is the main square and meeting point for the locals and tourists. Piazza San Marco is definitely come top when talking about things to do in Venice!

On the east end of the Piazza tourists will witness the picturesque view of St. Mark’s Bell tower (Campanile di San Marco) in front of the Basilica (Basilica di San Marco). If you love the learning of the history and culture of places then a visit to the nearly 1000 year old Basilica is a must do, inside you can take a guided tour around one of the most important monuments in Italy.It is the largest flat surface area in the City of Water and it is surrounded by stunning works of architecture that some would consider the best in the world!

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Jump on a famous Gondola Tour

You can’t think about things to do on the  “Floating City” without the symbolic gondolas coming to mind. These traditional boats have been traveling all of Venice’s 177 canals for nearly over a millennium!

What better way to experience the “City of Canals” than to travel like a ancient Venetian with a Gondola trip. We at Venice City Tours offer a variety of these trips with the 400 licensed gondolas that are still in use today. You can also opt for more exclusive gondola trips where you’ll pay a bit more but the experience and constant views of remarkable architectures from a traditional gondola is priceless.

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Be a witness of Venice's classical concerts

To those music lovers, more specifically classical music, they know that Venice is a important place in relation to the world of music. It is the home of many famous musician during the Baroque period such as Antonio Vivaldi and Giovanni Picchi.

Venice hosts many spectacular venues for such classical music events, and this without a doubt ranks on our list of things to do. The most famous music venue in the whole city is without a doubt is the Teatro La Fenice (The Phoenix Theatre). However, many concerts are held as open air events with music playing in St. Mark's Square and also in front of St. Marks Basin.

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Island hopping in the Venetian Lagoon

The Venetian Lagoon isn’t just home to the city of Venice but another 117 islands, including Murano, Burano, Torcello and San Michele, an island that is just used as a cemetery with two churches and many tombs.

Tourists can take guided tours around the various islands including, Murano where you can learn about their historic tradition of glass making and the island of Burano famous for its beautiful coloured houses and scenic canals.

By venturing up to the northern parts of the lagoon you’ll find yourself away from the masses and in a more tranquil environment.

This is overlooked by many travellers but we suggest this goes on your checklist of things to do! We offer access to some of these unique excursions on the islands outside of the city.

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Come and experience the artisanal heritage of Venice

Visitors have the option to get involved in many workshops with artisans of various professions. This city, the Queen of the Adriatic” is home to many artisanal products and practices. Frankly this is a key ingredient to what has made Venice such a beautiful and sought after location.

One favourite is the Carnival mask-making workshop, tourists are accompanied by an expert in this practice and are taught the skill behind making venetian papier-mâché.

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