The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower, or as it is usually called Moors Tower, is one of Venice landmarks. It was built at the and of XV century when the City of Venice decided to substitute the old Sant’Alipo Clock Tower.


The astronomical clock  was revealed in 1499 as the “most complex clock in the world”. The planets’ movement were represented on the huge (4,5 m) blue and gold face. On the same side it was possible to see lunar phases  and the Sun moving into the different Zodiac Signs.   

The time passing is stroke by the Moors’Bell. The Moors are two bronze statues (the name come from their color as Moro in Venetian means dark skinned) so beautiful that it is said that their creator was blinded so that he would not have been able to repeat his masterpiece.

They are located on a Terrace offering striking views of St.Mark’s Square.


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