The hidden gems of Venice

Considering that the island of Venice isn’t one of the biggest places in the world you’d be surprised with how many “gems could be hidden here
Most who have the privilege to visit “La Serenissima” will, like many of the millions who visit the island, miss out of some of the more masked delights of the city. In this article we will be your key to understanding more about the “City of Water” and some its hidden gems that you have to experience!

Skipping back in time while skipping the line at the Doge’s Palace

Visiting Piazza San Marco and the Palazzo Ducale (Doge’s Palace) is essential for understanding the importance, the culture and the story of Venice, and this can be quite a lot to take in. There are offers for tourists to enter the palace with a skip-the-line entrance accompanied by an qualified escort.

However, when you are accompanied by a professional tour guide you are not only having comprehensible and in-depth explanation of the “Floating City” but rather you yourself are returning back to the life that it was in Venice all the years ago.

You’ll enter the palace witnessing the home of the Venetian political power, examining hundreds of masterpieces of art and observing the rich details of the palace’s architecture.

What makes this a hidden gem in the city of Venice is that you’ll learn so much with your tour guide that it will be as if you were a true Venetian, something many others don’t experience.


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Eat, drink and go out like a local Venetian

The hidden gems of every city are always the places that the locals like to go to and they end up being the most authentic areas in the city. But let us be your insider and tell you the most original places to visit.

One of the locals favourite bars in all of Venice is found close to the Ponte de Chiodo and its name is "La Vecia Papussa", but don’t look for the name because outside it just says ‘Bar’. This one is hidden well.

This true gem serves the typical Spritz Cocktail and other local wines at an extremely good price. Here you can enjoy your drinks and Venetian Cicchetti (snacks) outside the bar by the canal and complete you real Venetian "Aperitivo”.


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Take a short trip to one of the quieter Venetian islands

If you liked the idea of the hidden bar by Ponte Chiodo, then we think you’ll like to continue avoiding the masses and take a visit to one of the smaller islands that is San MicheleThis island is known as the Cimitero, cemetery of Venice, as you should know already space is scarce on the island of Venice so San Michele is the place that holds this holy site for the city.

It may not sound nice visiting a cemetery but we must assure you that this is a hidden gem you must visit! 
The island is home to two churches and many ancient tombs and it is one of if no the most peaceful areas in all of the Venetian Lagoon. So if you need a break from the hectic amount of tourists we recommend you visit this tree-surrounded location filled will spectacular statues.

The Three hidden gems of the Lagoon

When its comes to talking about the famous city of Venice most people are unaware that there are things to do on the other Islands in the Venetian Lagoon. The truth is that the history of these islands are as rich as that of the island of Venice, and without these islands there would be no Venice at all!

Islands such as Murano, famous for its tradition of glass-making, Burano, the island of fishermen and filled with beautifully coloured houses and Torcello, the island where the Venetian Republic began, a small beautiful green land, home to the oldest Venetian churches.

It may seem a difficult task to see all three of these hidden gems efficiently in the Lagoon, but now this task has been made easier with our self-guided tour app. Through this tourists technically have a qualified tour escort right in their hands, guiding them to and describing these islands.

This self-guided tour app is not just for these islands, there are plenty more to find out!


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