The History of Venice


452  – Attile the Hun levels city of Aquileia: refugees flee to islands of Venetian lagoon

568 – refugees fleeing Lombards double lagoon’s population

697 – the parlamentari council proclaims Venice a Republic and elects the first Doge 

829 – remains of St. Mark brought from Alexandria to Venice  

999 – Holy Roman Emperor Otto III journeys to Venice and grants major commercial concessions

1073  – completed St. Mark’s Basilica 

1095 – First Crusade, Venetian lease their navy

1177 – reconciliation between Holy Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa and Pope Alexander III in St. Mark’s Basilica

1204  – Venice provides galleys for Fourth Crusade; Doge Dandolo leads the navy; Venice acquires Corfu, Crete, Cyprus, and Anatolia, and priceless Byzantine treasures

1275 – finished construction of Bell Tower  which was to stand until 1902

1319 – Golden Book instituted for all members of the aristocracy listed 

1339 – Venice captures Treviso, an important city on the mainland 

1353 – naval war against Genova, Venetian fleet destroyed

1402 – Venice conquers Padova, Vicenza gains the control of the Lombard plain and access to the Alpine passes 

1434  Ca D’oro Built 

1499 – further expansion on the mainland; Friuli, Bergamo, Rovigo, and Cremona annexed ;

1424 – Facade of Doge’s Palace overlooking the Piazzetta completed







1453 – fall of Costantinopoli 

1463-1479 – First war against Turks; Venice pays annual tribute for right to trade with the Ottoman Empire

1480 – Procuratie built in Piazza San Marco 

1499 – Clock Tower built in Piazza San Marco

1508 – European powers organize the League of Cambrai to prevent further expansion of Venetian Republic 

1516 – Venetian Jewish restricted to the Ghetto 










1571 – Turks defeated at the battle of Lepanto by an alliance of Venice, Spain, Genova and the Papacy





1574- King Henry III of France pays state visit 


1592 – Rialto Bridge completed







1629 – plague ravages Venice 

1686 – Construction of the Church of Santa Maria della Salute 

1687 – Venice reconquers some Peloponnesian ports and destroys Partenone;

1718 – 1796 Period of internal peace 

1797 – Napoleon occupies Venice 

1798 – Venice ceded to Austria 

1805 – French regain control of Venice following the battle of Austerlitz 

1814 – Congress of Vienna cedes Venice to Austria 

1846 – Rail causeway to mainland built 

1866 – Venice joints the Kingdom of Italy 

1902 – Campanile of St. Mark collapses


1912 – Rebuilt Campanile inaugurated 

1915 – Italy enters war against Germany and  Austria, despite later bombardment, no major damage to Venetian monuments 

1917 –  Creation of new industrial zone and port of Marghera 

1931 – Automobile causeway linking Venice to mainland 










1960 – Marco Polo Airport built at Venice 

1966 – Disastrous flood 

1996 – Fires destroy La Fenice theatre

2003 – La Fenice Theatre rebuilt 







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