Venice High Tide: What to do what NOT to do

The high tide: an unique phenomenon

The Venice High Tide will not ruin your holiday,
 because it’s just a 2 hours event and in many cases it consists in few cm on some places of the city.

We provide a list of suggestions and tips to follow during this unique phenomenon. If you follow them, you will enjoy the Venice properly even if with the High Tide.

What to DO:

  • Buy some boots. Every market or shop in all the city sell the disposables boots that you can buy with few euros: using them you’ll be covered over the knee and it’s enough in the 98% of the case.
  • Use the platforms: in some spots they can very crowded, so please just follow the line and respect the two-ways of flow.
  • Check the level of the tide on the app HI!TIDE and choose the place to go carefully. It suggestable to go to place where the tide is low, especially if the it’s over 120 cm.
  • Walk slow and take your time to reach your destination
  • Walk comforable, without heavy bags

Be patience, in only 2 hours the Venice High tide ends 

What NOT to DO

  • On the Platform, please DO NOT run or push the people. It would create only confusion and you risk to fall or injury someone.
    Do NOT stop to take pictures. You’d block the line.
  • Do NOT swim in the water: you’ll be fined by local authorities
  • Do NOT walk in the water without shoes
  • Do NOT go around the flooded zone without boots
  • Do NOT run where the street is flooded
  • Avoid places where the water is very high (check the level on HI!TIDE!).
  • Do NOT throw water to other people

The high tide can be a funny way to visit the city: have ever tried to have dinner in a restaurant with water inside? The waiters will serve wearing Venetian boots! For the Venetian citiziens is something absolutly common during the tide.

It can be also an unique opportunity to take marvelous pictures of the less touristy of Venice.


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