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Donna, global Australian traveler, has tried one of our best tours: the Gondola ride with guided visit to the St. Mark’s Basilica and the amazing Carnival Mask Workshop and she was enjoy a lot during the experiences, especially with the second one: see the beautiful mask created by Donna with Giorgio, our Carnival Mask Master.

Laura en Voyage

Laura is a popular French Blogger that, during its Venetian stay, did our famous Venice Carnival Mask Workshop creating her personal mask with the overmentioned Giorgio. She also glides the Grand Canal with our afternoon gondola ride.

If you speak French, take a look to her wonderful article


Venice Tours boasts the best technology to manage all the reservation
and use very innovative mobile apps to help own costumers during their stay. In addition, we always look for some new and local experiences in order to offer a differ proposal from the traditional touristic one.

The international operators and Oltas appreciate these skills and our modern approach to the tourism: as during the International Tourism Exhibition in Berlin 2019 where Giuseppe Mattiazzo (Marketing director) has been interviewed by Berlin Arrival (an independent conference and insights for creators and sellers of Tours, Activities & Attractions). Click here to see the video or read the article.

If you can read Italian, you should take a look at the interview to Giuseppe made by Trekksoft: our channel Manager that point out all the over mentioned skills and the innovative approach of Venice Tours


Unfortunately, sometimes Venice has been affected to some natural events as on 12th November 2019, when Venice was sufferedon one the highest tide of the last 50 years. During these days many operators asked us how we face the difficult situation; Musement made an interview to our CEO Caterina Pepoli where she explains what High Tide is and how we face this phenomenon in these particular days and during all the year.