What things to do in Venice during Carnival 2022

One of the greatest festivals on earth
, and certainly the most stylish one begins on 12th February and runs until March 1st – it is, of course, Venice Carnival 2022. As usual, there are plenty of things to do, like dressing up and going to a ball, letting your dark side out to express itself, and visiting all the regular tourist attractions and sites. There are other fun things to do in Venice during Carnival, we would like to let you know about a few of them.

Music concert: Classical or Gondola

Venice is famous for its classical music and opera. So much so in fact, that it was named the Republic of Music during the Middle Ages, when it was a fledgling state. And Venice has that peculiar trait of many port cities – everybody seems to be an amateur, or professional, musician or singer.

That’s why it would be a nice idea to visit one of the many venues for classical music during Venice Carnival 2022. These include the Palazzo delle Prigioni which is linked via the Bridge of Sighs to the Doge’s Palace.

There is also the Palazzo Barbarigo Minotto for classical music, and for opera lovers there is the famous La Fenice – the Opera House of Venice. Another musical option would be an afternoon Gondola serenade, followed up by an evening concert in Santa Maria del Giglio.


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Visit the glass makers on Murano island

Venetians have been professional glass makers for over 1.500 years – that is longer than they have had the Carnival, so they must be pretty good at it. For a nice little day trip during Venice Carnival 2022, why not take a bus boat from the city to Murano, home of glass-making in Venice.

There are several, that go from different locations in the city to the island. Depending on where you are it could take from about 40 minutes to an hour to reach Murano. Some of the bus boat routes pass by the cemetery island which is also worth a few snaps.

Once you get to Murano you can stroll around at your leisure and check out some of the local glass factories / studios, if you want to. But be warned, if you ask for a demonstration of their skills, they will try to sell you some of their excellent handcrafted wares!  Depending on the day, there will also be Carnival related events going on.

Visit a cranky mask maker

The mascherari are genuine artists, and the reviews online vary greatly on how nice, or how grumpy they are. We suppose it depends on the day you visit them – you know how mercurial and temperamental artists can be.

But, if you are not overly sensitive a visit to a mask makers atelier is something that is especially appropriate to do during Venice Carnival 2022. They will be working hard, but might be in a better mood than usual as it is Carnival time.


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Venice Carnival 2022 and the Great Carnival Game Competition

So there are a few non-decadent party crazy things to do during Venice Carnival 2022. There are obviously loads of things to do the Carnival, like dressing up “Midnight in Venice” style, living it up like an 18th century Venetian, and visiting places with an Eastery or Lentern vibe.


What about partecipating at the traditional Venice Carnival Balls in historical palaces dressed like an ancient Venetian noble?

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But, having a look at the local musicians and artists is also something really interesting, and inspiring, so you will have a better chance of winning our Carnival Game and Photo Contest by taking better selfie and making a better mask.


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Whatever you get up to at Venice Carnival 2022, we are sure you will have a great time! Enjoy!


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