Burano Island - What to see?

Find out what to see in Burano Island. The jewel of the lagoon is famous for its glassmaking and brightly colored houses.


What to see in Burano Island?

What to see in Burano Island

What to see in Burano Island? Visiting Burano Island is like entering another world! The island is famous for its lace-making and brightly colored houses. You can wander around and admire the architecture, storefronts, and shops selling everything from vintage clothing to locally-produced food.


view of the colorful houses typical of the Burano island of Venice

Colored houses

Once you arrive at the island, you will be surrounded by colorful houses: each house has a unique design and color scheme and is decorated with brightly painted windows and doors. Burano is far enough from Venice that Burano people have their own identity. They still maintain their accent, distinctly different from Venetian, and just as proudly cherish and promote their centuries-old legacy, chief among them lace-making.




The art of Burano lace-making

Burano Island is part of the Venetian Lagoon and it is a fishermen isle, accustomed to making and repairing nets. According to some the art of lace-making comes from this custom. Like many Venetian products, Burano lace became a coveted luxury in Europe and a major source of income for the Venetian Republic. Among the many celebrities who coveted Burano's fine and elegant lace patterns and shapes was King Louis XIV of France, the Sun King, who was crowned wearing a Burano lace collar, which apparently took two years to complete.


The Lace Museum

The Lace Museum in Galuppi Square traces the history and techniques of lace-making, and the impact on European fashion over the centuries.


Where is Burano Island and how you can reach it?

smiling boy and girl in Burano Venice

Burano Island is next to the almost uninhabited Torcello and the only truly inhabited island in the northern lagoon of Venice. A little gem, known as one of the most beautiful islands in Italy.

Keep in mind that it is not possible to reach Burano by car. Fortunately, there are water buses and different organized tours that shuttle between Venice and Burano every day. If you are planning your trip to Venice and would like to visit Burano consider joining a guided tour.





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