Venice Canals, Italy: interesting facts you didn't know

Some interesting facts about Venice Canals, Italy, you didn't know

Venice is a city built on water, and it is not surprising that Venice canals, Italy, are an important part of the city's identity.


What are the Canals of Venice?

There are only 3 canals in Venice:

  • the Grand Canal
  • the Giudecca Canal 
  • the Cannaregio Canal.

How are the other Venice canals called?

The narrowest waterways in Venice, on the other hand, are called "rii". There are about 170 “rii” that shape the city's winding network, through which only small boats can pass. The first thing one might ask about Venice is: how did they build these canals? The answer is simple: they did not build them.

Canals were created by Mother Nature. Venetians lived on islands in the lagoon and had to travel by boat from one island to another.

How did they build Venice on water?

Venice was and still is a collection of islets, connected only by the 340 bridges scattered around the city. Without them, walking around would not be possible. The idea of building a city on water might seem bizarre to many visitors, who often ask, "What's under the buildings?". The answer is simple: 25-meter-long wooden poles.

Venice rests essentially on thousands of wood pilings set in the clayey sand below. And this was the technique initially adopted by the first inhabitants who came to this area, who were not deterred by the hardships of the place. Although the water in the canals is not very clean, it is renewed every six hours thanks to the tide, which ensures a daily backflow of water into the towns.

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