Venice Palaces: Ca’Dario, the history of a "cursed" palace

Along the Grand Canal we find Palazzo Dario (Dario Palace), commonly called Ca' Dario, a palace with a Renaissance facade decorated with circular medallions in polychrome marble. Built in the 15th century for the Dario family, it immediately gained the fame as a cursed palace.


Venice Palaces: Ca' Dario and its mysteries

Among the stories and legends that linger in the city of Venice, we will tell the history of Ca'Dario. Yes, because almost everyone who bought the palace was murdered or committed suicide under special circumstances. The misfortunes began immediately!


The unpleasant events at Dario Palace

At the end of the 1400s the house passed to the daughter of the nobleman Dario, who married Giacomo Barbaro, who shortly afterward was mysteriously stabbed to death, as was their son Vincenzo. But it was from the 18th century onward that the sinister fortunes of the various owners followed one another relentlessly. Palazzo Dario (Dario Palace) was finally sold by the Barbarians to an Armenian merchant, who enjoyed it very briefly, since he was found dead shortly after buying it.

The house then passed to an English historian who died in the company of his lover, probably by suicide; the same fate befell Charles Briggs, an American mining owner who fled the United States with his lover after being accused of homosexuality.

After him an Italian art historian was killed by the 18-year-old boy who hit him on the head with a statuette. Others followed him, including the famous Who singer Kit Lambert, who is said to have fallen down the stairs, although suicide is likely.

In the early 2000s Woody Allen showed interest in buying Ca' Dario, but then, fortunately for him, he reconsidered. Among other rumors, the palace is said to be inhabited by the ghosts of its past owners.

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