History of Venice Carnival
The origin of this festival is as mysterious as Carnival itself. However, it seems that it all began in 1094. Discover the history of the Carnival of Venice!
Carnival Events
The top free events of Venice Carnival 2023
Take a look at the free events of the Venice Carnival 2023!
Venice and the Age of the Carnival myth
In the 18th century, in Venice, noblemen no longer wear their togas of office, the women have asses black from all the pinches they get: there is enough joking and luxury you can’t image: religion is going down the drain’ Angelo Labia poet, priest and member of a Patrician family lamented in a journal of this period.
Venice Carnival Origins
The origin of Venice Carnival is still uncertain. What it is sure is that its initial affirmation is based on three specific moments: between religious celebrations and wars. Three years: 1094, 1162, 1296. These are the historically documented year of the first period of development of Venice Carnival.
The Carnival of Venice during the 1700s
Venice in the 1700s experienced unparalleled lavish decadence with parties and entertainment. Learn about the history of the city of masks and the history of carnival.
How to make a Venetian Carnival Mask
The Venetian mask has a long history stretching back almost 1,000 years. Nobody knows for sure when or why the tradition of wearing masks began, but there is a lot of speculation. The history and origins of “the mask” is as mysterious as the mask itself.
Carnival Balls and masquerade parties
Venice is famous for its Carnival balls and masquerade parties. Celebrate the 2023 Carnival at one of the best masquerade balls in Venice!
The most popular Carnival masks
Have you ever wondered where those masks that invade the streets and squares of the city of Venice during Carnival come from? Find out in our blog!
The best places to visit in Venice for Carnival 2023
If you are planning a trip to Venice for Carnival 2023, there are some things you definitely can’t miss.
3 fun things to do at Carnival in Venice
Venice is a wonderful city that comes alive in its Carnival season. If you are lucky enough to visit the city in this season, here is an amazing must-do list you definitely can’t miss!
What to do at Venice Carnival 2023
If you are planning a trip to Venice Carnival, here is a must-do list to make the most of this experience.
Casanova and Venetian noblemen: the Carnival icons
The quintessential Venetian libertine was Casanova, the son of a Venetian actor and a shoemaker’s daughter. As he stated in his autobiography, “My Life and Adventures“ Casanova’s purpose was simply pleasure, and his greatest pleasure was sex, preferably with a new woman.