The Music during Republic of Serenissima
A great musical culture has always characterized Venice especially between the 1500 and 1800. Many famous travelers and writers as Rousseau, Goethe or Wagner narrated about concerts and the incredible musical vivacity in the city, particularly during the famous carnival that lasted six months!
History and Curiosities of Venetian Classical Music
Antonio Vivaldi was born in Venice on 4 March 1678 from a humble family who comes from Brescia. He is one of the best Italian composer and violinist of the Venetian baroque music who has influenced all Europe with its music. He brought many innovations in the fields of violins, concerts, choral works and operas. In the 1703 he became a priest and, cause of his red hair, he got the nickname “The Red Priest”.
Venetian Violins
Venice has had a fundamental role in the history of music, in particular for the Classical and Baroque music. The Venetian Liuteria (art of realization of string instruments as violins) is another artisan excellence that has characterized the history of Venice during the centuries.
The style of Vivaldi and some curiosities about his masterpieces
Vivaldi innovated deeply the music between the 1600 and 1700 changing completely the Italian baroque music. He revitalized the formal and rhythmic structure of the concerto adding many harmonic contrasts and unusual melodies. His style was considered exuberant and was appreciated by both the public and the expert musicians.