History of Venice Carnival
The origin of this festival is as mysterious as Carnival itself. However, it seems that it all began in 1094. Discover the history of the Carnival of Venice!
Carnival Events
The top free events of Venice Carnival 2023
Take a look at the free events of the Venice Carnival 2023!
Venice Historical Regata along the Canal Grande
On Sunday, September 2nd, you will experience a colourful, picturesque and stunning marine show which will enliven Venice’s waters; the most amazing fact is that you will admire it from your gondola!
The ancient feast of the "Sensa"
It was the day of the Ascension in 997 when Doge Pietro Orseolo set sail against Istria and Dalmatia, conquering them. To commemorate this fortunate feat, which ensured the Doge the title of Duke of Dalmatia, the most solemn of the Venetian feasts was established, the famous Ascension Day, Sensa in Venetian.
The Redentore Day
The Redentore Day is one of the few Venice holidays that Venetians really feel as their own.