You can face the problem of Venice High Tide in autumn and winter (usually from November to March). It can be very annoying, especially if it’s your first time in Venice and you would like to live its famous romanticism. But, it’s not a huge problem and your holiday will remain an unforgettable experience in one of the most fascinating city of the world. [...]

High tide in Venice?

Among the various characteristics that make the city of Venice original all over the world, high tide appears at the top of the list. [...]

Venice High Tide: What to do what NOT to do

The Venice High Tide will not ruin your holiday, because it’s just a 2 hours event and in many cases it consists in few cm on some places of the city. We provide a list of suggestions and tips to follow during this unique phenomenon. If you follow them, you will enjoy the Venice properly even if with the High Tide. [...]

What’s Venice High Tide

What's Venice high tide? Have a look at this article! [...]

The Causes of the Venice High Tide

Why does the Venice High Tide happen? The Venice High Tide occurs because of the sum of several factors, which we can bring together in two broad categories: meteorological and astronomical. [...]