Venice Tours Academy

Venice Tours believes that the development of its staff's skills is one of the most important company assets, to which it pays close attention in order to meet the challenges and continuous changes that the market demands. To tackle these challenges, Venice Tours has developed an ongoing program of courses to provide training and personal growth opportunities for all employees, tailored to their roles and personal needs. Venice Tours extends sincere thanks to the instructors and collaborators who have been willing to take part in implementing this human resources development path, customized to both company and individual employee needs.

Our courses have been organized in collaboration with TRAICONET, an FTO training institution, utilizing the Forte fund and the Bilateral Institution to which we are affiliated.

Areas of activity:

  1. Behavior models: Training and development of the company's staff in managing customer relations, conflict resolution, and handling stressful situations. Creation of a Venice Tours format for customer management during tours to enhance their engagement. Courses led by Codato Communication: Dr. Massimo Codato and Dr. Alessia Codato
  2. Neuromarketing: In-depth courses and ongoing updates in the field of Neuromarketing, incorporating the latest innovative communication techniques and tools. Courses led by Neurowebdesign: Dr. Stefano Civiero and Dr. Nicola Trentin
  3. Corporate strategy: Market analysis courses to train for economic competition in a constantly changing and evolving market, including the impact of new technologies on current activities. Courses led by ASCE: Prof. Arduino Paniccia, Dr. Laura Trevisa, and Dr. Eugenio Porras
  4. The New Frontiers of AI: Training courses for the integration of AI into company processes, with particular attention to reshaping business processes. Courses led by Dr. Raffaello Lully
  5. APIs and system maintenance: Ongoing training and updates for managing reservation processes through API connections with major evolving portals. Courses led by Datagest Srl
  6. Language proficiency courses: Courses developed based on individual needs and company requirements.
  7. Company Safety Training: Courses designed to update and train staff on workplace safety. Courses conducted by relevant training institutions.