1,15 h
max 2
Create your personal glass-artwork with Massimiliano, a famous glassmaker. A private lesson with him to learn the secrets of the most famous Venetian craftsmanship. [...]
1 h
Find out the secrets of carnival masks and create your personal mask! Meet Giorgio, the mask-masker and discover the secrets of the Venetian masks! An unconventional and special moment to live with your family or friends! [...]
1 h
A unique experience to discover the the legendary art of making a Gondola's Forcola! Meet Piero in his workshop in the heart of Venice! [...]
40 min
Sparkling wines tasting in a cozy venetian bar! Take a chance to taste yummy finger food & Italian wine! [...]
40 min
Venetian wines tasting in the historical city center! Marco, the expert sommelier, will explain secrets and characteristics of delicious wines! Unmissable experience to discover the history the italian wines! [...]
2 hours
Professional cooking show with the award-winning chef Ferdinando Santi! Learn how to prepare some real Venetian Food! Your lesson in an old Venetian Seminary [...]
1,45 h
Create your painting of Venice with a famous artist! Let you guide through romantic spots and secret corners, you’ll learn to paint the soul of Venice! [...]
3 h
Professional cooking class with an award-winning chef! Learn how to prepare some real Venetian Food! Discover the secrets of the Italian cuisine! [...]