40 min (max 4 pax)
Sparkling wines tasting in a cozy venetian bar! Take a chance to taste yummy finger food & Italian wine! [...]
2 hrs 30 min
Venice is history, culture, civilization and experience. Do not limit yourself to living the city as if it were just to look at, Venice is to live as a unique and unforgettable experience. [...]
1 h 15 min (max 4 pax)
Find out the secrets of carnival masks and create your personal mask! Meet Giorgio, the mask-maker and discover the secrets of the Venetian masks! An unconventional and special moment to live with your family or friends! [...]
1 h 15 min (max 2 pax)
Create your personal glass-artwork with Massimiliano, a famous glassmaker. A lesson with him to learn the secrets of the most famous Venetian craftsmanship. [...]
1 h 45 min (max 6 pax)
Create your painting of Venice with a famous artist! Let you guide through romantic spots and secret corners, you’ll learn to paint the soul of Venice! [...]
4 hrs (max 5 pax)
Professional cooking class with an award-winning chef! Learn how to prepare some real Venetian Food! Discover the secrets of the Italian cuisine! [...]
2 hrs (2-8 pax)
Capture the essence of Venice with your camera or smartphone with Vinicio! Let yourself be guided by the professional photographer's advice and experience and take home unforgettable shots. [...]