Go away from the overcrowded places and discover the off the beaten tracks of Venice! The guide will accompany you in the heart of Venice letting you discover the most charming and picturesque corners. [Read more...]
45 min
Discover the 16th prisons of the Venetian Republic, one of the earliest jails in Europe, created in 1500 and linked to the Doge’s Palace through the famous Bridge of Sighs. Explore the prisons, listen about fascinating Casanova and his jailbreak! Only for small group (maximun 15 people per visit). [Read more...]
Take a chance to visit the Palazzo Ducale and saint Mark's Basilica with its golden mosaics! Discover the secrets and the historical facts of the Serenissima Republic! Choose the Skip the line ticket and save your precious time! [Read more...]
1,5 h
Morning walking tour in the heart of Venice! Discover the main monuments of Piazza San Marco! Your professional guide will escort in the labyrinth of Venetian “Calli”! [Read more...]
Skip the long queue and visit the magnificent Doge Palace! Discover Piazza San Marco without queuing! Cross che Bridge of Sighs and see Venice from a unique view! [Read more...]
1 h
Skip the long line and visit the breathtaking Basilica of Saint Mark! Guided tour in the greatest byzantine masterpieces. Admire the Pala D’oro and Saint Mark’s Treasury. [Read more...]
1 h
Discover the Palazzo Ducale with an expert guide! Skip the long queue! Cross the Bridge of Sighs and watch Venice from an unique view! Admire the magnificent Palazzo Ducale and its Golden Staircase! [Read more...]
An essential tour for the understanding of Venice!! Have a walk outdoors (no entries) through the most historical and important places of Venice. A qualified and experienced guide will escort you through the millennium of life of the Serenissima Republic focusing on the byzantine story! [Read more...]
1,5 h
Relax with this charming Gondola ride along the Canal Grande and the minor venetian romantic waterways! Enjoy a guided visit to the Golden Basilica of Saint Mark! Venice is stunning, enjoy it with this amazing tour! [Read more...]
2,5 h
Amazing guided tour in the heart of Venice and inside Palazzo Ducale! Walk with a professional guide discovering the real soul of Venice! Cross the Bridge of Sighs and watch beautiful Venice from an exclusive view! [Read more...]
2 h
Guided visit in the main attractions of Piazza San Marco! Admire the Basilica and its golden mosaics! Cross the Bridge of Sighs and visit the Venetian Prisons! Skip the line access! [Read more...]
3 h
Visit Venice and its main Golden Basilica Amazing guided tour in the heart of Venice and in the Golden Basilica! Get on an elegant venetian gondola and enjoy the breathtaking view of Canal Grande! [Read more...]
The best landmarks of Venice in one day: admire the Golden Basilica and the historical Palazzo Ducale! Walk through the Venetian "calli" and "campi" with a Walking tour in the heart of Venice! [Read more...]
3 h
Discover the Palazzo Ducale and the Basilica with an expert guide! Relax with a fascinating Gondola ride along the Canal Grande! Enjoy Venice and discover its secrets and secular history by our App! You can also join a unique experience: a glass blowing demonstration near Piazza San Marco! [Read more...]