4 h
One of the most elegant Carnival Balls in Venice! Dinner, music, dance masters, and performers: enjoy a memorable night at Palazzo Dandolo in a typical 1700 ballroom, near Piazza San Marco! [Read more...]
5 h
The official Carnival party in the amazing palace Ca Vendramin overlooking the Grand Canal. Dinner show with the best Carnival artists. An unforgettable experience. [Read more...]
5 h
The fanciest Carnival party of Venice, enjoy music, dance performances, and a delicious dinner in the splendid Palazzo Dandolo! Enjoy where Giacomo Casanova danced, an authentic 1700 ballroom. [Read more...]
5 h
A dreamy night in a romantic venue lighted up by hundreds of candles, which will recreate the atmosphere of 18th-century celebrations . You'll be delighted by opera singers, professional dancers, Italian Prosecco and an exquisite dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. [Read more...]
5 h
Enjoy a magical evening at one of the most important events of the Carnival of Venice 2022, overlooking the Gran Canal. [Read more...]
5 h
The Glass Slippers, a Venice Carnival ball held in a magical and fairy-tale world where fun will be the center of it all. The magic atmosphere in one of the oldest Venetian churches deconsecrated in Murano the island famous for the glass masterpieces. [Read more...]
5 h
A dreamy ball in a historic location in Venice, the atmosphere will be magic! Enjoy a delicious dinner, music and drinks! [Read more...]
2 h
The sweetest event of the Carnival of Venice in Hotel Splendid! You'll learn the steps of period dances and you'll enjoy hot chocolate and delicious Venetian pastries! [Read more...]


Venice Carnival History
In Venice in 1094 Doge Vitale Falier was in power. In this period the first edition of the Carnival of Venice began unconsciously, as a public celebration to honor the days preceding Lent. Everything is reported in an official document so that the tr [...]
What things to do in Venice during Carnival 2022
One of the greatest festivals on earth, and certainly the most stylish one begins on 12th February and runs until March 1st - it is, of course, Venice Carnival 2022. As… [...]
Venice Carnival Origins
The origin of Venice Carnival is still uncertain. What it is sure is that its initial affirmation is based on three specific moments: between religious celebrations and wars. Three years: 1094, 1162, 1296. These are the historically documented year o [...]