4 h
One of the most elegant Carnival Balls in Venice! Dinner, music, dance masters and performers: enjoy a memorable night at Monaco & Grand Canal Hotel, near Piazza San Marco! [Read more...]
4 h
One of the most beautiful Carnival Balls in Venice. Unforgettable experience at the historic Danieli Hotel! Welcoming Cocktail, Placée Dinner ,minuet Masters and Baroque ensemble in a stunning location on Saint Mark’s Basin! [Read more...]
5 h
A dreamy night in a romantic venue lighted up by hundreds of candles, which will recreate the atmosphere of 18th-century celebrations . You'll be delighted by opera singers, professional dancers, Italian Prosecco and an exquisite dinner prepared by a Michelin-starred chef. [Read more...]
2 h
Amazing afternoon with your friends, have fun and learn the basic steps of 18th-century group dances with our professional dance Masters to the music of a classical trio. Enjoy hot chocolate and typical Venetian pastries served in a beautiful Palace near Piazza San Marco! [Read more...]
2 h
The sweetest event of the Carnival of Venice in Hotel Slendid! You'll learn the steps of period dances and you'll enjoy hot chocolate and delicious Venetian pastries! [Read more...]
After several years, the carnival of Venice comes back to La Fenice Theatre with a masked dinner and period dances in the historic ballroom of the Venetian aristocracy. [Read more...]


What things to do in Venice during Carnival 2020

One of the greatest festivals on earth, and certainly the most stylish one begins on 9th February and runs until 25th February - it is, of course, Venice Carnival 2020. As…

Venice Carnival Origins

The origin of Venice Carnival is still uncertain. What it is sure is that its initial affirmation is based on three specific moments: between religious celebrations and wars.

Three years: 1094, 1162, 1296. The [...]

Venice and the Age of the Carnival myth

In the 18th century, in Venice,  ‘noblemen no longer wear their togas of office, the women have asses black from all the pinches they get: there is enough joking and luxury you can’t image: religion is going dow [...]